Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Writing Contest about Movie Dogs

Reel Dogs Press is holding an essay contest for people who love dog movies! Entrants have a chance to win DVDs, the book Wonder Dogs, get their story published on the site, and more. Hope you'll all enter! Check out their contest page for all the details.

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  1. Jordan Taylor has covered Chuck Eisenmann's amazing intellectual teaching of his "Littlest Hobo's". I can personally attes to this. Meeting him for the very first time at a Christmas Children's show at Toronto's Casa Loma, his dogs must have heard my name spoken. During his show, Chuck told "London" to go over to "John" & "Please take off his g-l-a-s-s-e-s"! The Dog came over to me, looking back once momentarily as if for conformation he was on the right track! Then standing up, with both front feet on my chair, he took the right hand part of my glasses in his teeth very gently & began pulling them off my face!!! Until Chuck thanked him & said "That's enough London!" The dog returned to his master & lay down.
    the reast of the show, the "Hobos" retrieved named objects from a lkow table, in some cases returning them to their lenders. Complete strangers in the audience! They opened a filing cabinet drawer & "filed" items, Chuck asked for. So it went on. On the Internet, if you access the "Shiloh Shepherd" website & scroll downwards on the left hand side, you'll find 7 or 8 or so actual accounts of how Chuck demonstrated his dogs' intelligence to the JMatthew