Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now Available on DVD – 245 Dog Years Later

On January 30th, 1977, The Wonderful World of Disney aired the first part of Barry of the Great St. Bernard, a two-part movie telling the story of Barry, the most famous Saint Bernard dog hero ever.

Missed by fans for 35 years who remember the movie from their youth, nearly impossible to find on VHS or DVD, Barry of the Great St. Bernard is finally available from Disney on DVD as of June, 2012.

Dog movie lovers and Saint Bernard enthusiasts rejoice!

Looking for the true story of Barry? Jan Bondeson's Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities features a chapter devoted to the fact and legend behind this immortalized rescue dog.


  1. These are such fabulous DOG books!
    Just got back from Carmel CA Jordan!
    You can't imagine the attention Mr. Doogan got!
    You've got to get back to Bainbridge so we can get this boy in a MOVIE!

    1. Poor Mr. Doogan. :( You must tell him it's not his fault his film career was cut short. He was the best live theater dog I worked with so at least he can rest on his laurels.

      One of my dogs has a tiny part in a movie that was just in theaters there. (Not sure if it still is.) Smooth Fox Terrier near the end. Just one scene. :)