Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily Reel - Benji (1974)

Joe Camp tried hard to sell his idea—but who would pay to see a scrawny mutt running around town, making friends and rescuing children for 86 minutes? Camp was laughed out of Hollywood. He made the movie himself. He’s still having the last laugh.

The budget for Benji was around $500,000. The film grossed about $40,000,000 when released in the U.S. Benji, trained by the legendary Frank Inn, made history and goes on today to delight audiences both young and old with half a dozen feature films, a TV show, and many TV specials and documentaries.

It turns out moviegoers really are in search of simple stories, no thrills productions, and adorable mutts taking center stage. At least every now and then. A new Benji film is currently in pre-production and we can look forward to many more years of being inthralled by “America’s most huggable hero.”

Produced by Mulberry Square Productions

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