Saturday, February 2, 2013

Daily Reel - Fluke (1995)

Based on the book by James Herbert, originally published as a horror novel, Fluke was first released with a mature but family angled marketing plan. Later additions of the VHS, then DVD, were marketed specifically toward children and families. This dark, tragic story about death, love, grief, reincarnation, and learning who we really are and how to let go, couldn’t seem to find just the right place in the hearts of moviegoers. Yet dog film enthusiasts will never forget it.

Fluke is a mutt played by famed Golden Retriever, Comet. Nine years old when he starred in Fluke, Comet had already experienced long-running success on the American sitcom Full House. He came to live with trainer Cristie Miele from a Golden Retriever rescue group when he was a year old and won out against hundreds of hopefuls to play Fluke—a role made possible for him by a haircut and nontoxic dye job. Seldom has there been a more exacting, skilled, and memorable performance of any dog in any film.

Produced by MGM, Rocket Pictures

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