Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reel Honorable Mention - Two Brothers (2004)

For the last day of the month, we have an honorable mention: a film about another member of the animal kingdom besides dogs, or a dog film taken from TV episodes or animated rather than live-action.


This month’s honorable mention is French, tiger film, Two Brothers (a.k.a. Deux frères). Filmed in Thailand, Cambodia, and France, Two Brothers was the creation of Jean-Jacques Annaud, known for the sweeping and beautiful animal films The Bear (1988) and Running Free (1999) (besides his more mainstream works like Seven Years in Tibet (1997) and Enemy at the Gates (2001)).

About 30 tigers were called on to play the parts of brothers Songha and Kumal, as well as the other tigers in the film. CGI and puppetry were also employed, though the real thing gets the majority of screen time.

For diehard Reel Dogs fans, a couple of dogs do have brief but notable rolls: a Belgian Malinois and (another Belgian) a Schipperke.

Produced by Pathé, etc.

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